In “Pirate; Privateer” a man by the name of Hector Lynch is trying to make enough money to support himself and his wife while avoiding the looming life of piracy. He charters a ship belonging to the heathen Kergonan siblings to fish for treasure left behind by a wrecked Spanish galleon, but adventure begins as things go awry upon the arrival of another ship.

Tim Severin’s book is filled with adventure from beginning to end. What makes it even more gratifying is that certain events and characters in “Pirates; Privateer” are based on true events and true people. The story itself resembled a more realistic “Pirate of the Caribbean”, with it taking place around the same locations.

“He whirled about and looked at his own ship, even as thee came a muffled crash and somebody shouted ‘Fireballs! Fire below!’ There were cries of alarm from the frigate and a volley of curses.”

Action-packed until the very last page, the adventure only deepens and expands from page to page, with every character’s paths interweaving at some point. “Pirates; Privateer” is a great glimpse into the history of some booming areas of trade, including everything from political turmoil to various different cultures that occupy these islands and share such close proximity to each other.

While there is much blood and violence (it wouldn’t be a very accurate depiction of piracy without it) Severin manages to make his book gritty enough to be captivating, but does not cross over into more unsettling themes. He maintains a perfect balance to gift us with this adventure.