In Princesses of Bread by She Shil Kim there are three princesses who live in a kingdom that makes bread every day. The queen makes bread and wants her daughters to learn how to make bread too, but the sisters aren’t interested. But one day the mother gets ill, so the daughters have to make the bread in their mother’s place. But they never paid attention, so they never learned, and their bread turns out really terrible. Finally their fairy godmother comes and helps them by giving them a recipe book.

“Ten servants were already getting ready to make bread. The three princesses didn’t know where to start, so they just stood there, bewildered.”

This book is a very boring book. Do not read it. It is so boring probably because it is trying to force you to have a math lesson, but it makes like zero sense. You don’t get a recipe for making bread, you don’t get anything good. It wants you to learn how to use different measuring tools, but the story isn’t very fun, and you wouldn’t make bread like the princesses do in this book. The pictures are not very good either; the people all look grumpy and mean and not like people you would want to be friends with. They don’t seem to smile very much. This is not a book you really want to read.