The Poo Poo Fairy

Paulina the Poo Poo Fairy has a mission: to help make potty training less traumatic for children. Similar to the Tooth Fairy, the guise (as you’ll read in the note to parents) is to make the trip to the toilet something to look forward to. Paulina leaves small gifts after a successful “mission” and a “special fairy gift” when the war has been won. Then Paulina disappears to help other toddlers.

“With Paulina’s help, the little boy was soon using the big-kid potty all by himself.”

The story, written by Mary Harper Dicks, is very cute. Paulina can’t find her niche at Helper’s Hollow Academy. After being unsuccessful at all the conventional helper fairy skills, Paulina crosses paths with a distraught young fellow who is having a hard time with potty training. Paulina discovers she is the perfect cheerleader for this type of job and becomes the Poo Poo Fairy. Joseph Cowen’s illustrations are also a delight: colorful , large and detailed. This will become a family favorite, even after your child becomes a big kid! To make this even more beneficial, The Poo Poo Fairy set includes a small stuffed Paulina to act as an “elf on the shelf” type helper fairly. Additional potty training tips and support are offered on the Poo Poo Fairy website and Facebook page. Don’t forget to read Paulina’s bio on the book jacket flap.