There are two pigs, and they got a blanket for Christmas or their birthday. They didn’t each get a blanket – their blanket was the same blanket. They say all the stuff they like about their blanket – one pig likes to read and make movies and dance with her blanket. The other pig likes to play monster trucks and draw and play superhero with his blanket. Most of the time, they can both play with the blanket at the same time, but then it becomes a problem. So the pigs start tugging on the blanket, and finally it rips. That sounds like it is a good solution, but it isn’t a good solution, because the pigs decide it was more fun playing together. So they find a way to work it out instead of fighting.


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 ‘Stop pulling on my blanket!’ ‘Stop pulling on MY blanket!!’ RrriiiippppP!

Pigs and a Blanket by James Burks is fun and I like it because I think that people who have something that is both of theirs but they think it just belongs to one of them, that if they read this book, they will find out that if they are greedy it will become a problem, so instead they can find a way to work it out, and that is a lot more fun than them being greedy. The pictures are really funny and colorful and the pigs are really cute, and they are really nice when they decide to get along with each other.