David Hart has a rare condition that causes him not to feel pain. Most kids who have CIPA don’t usually survive childhood, but David is seventeen and has beaten the odds so far. His whole life has been monitored and he lives by a careful set of rules. Luna, a nurse trainee, has changed David’s view of the world. He wants more than anything to live his life on his own terms.

“That woman is a thief and a whore. All she wants is your money”

Painless is a detailed story that also gives awareness to a rare condition many of us do not know about. Harazin has given an inside view of what David thinks and feels while dealing with CIPA. Although Painless is a story of a boy with a rare condition, it is also about living your life to the fullest.

Painless is a quick read that will having you wanting to look up CIPA to understand it better. I felt Harazin added just enough suspense to keep you guessing while you read. I enjoyed reading painless and would recommend it for a quick read.