Still eating sandwiches every day? Maybe running for take out? It’s time to up your lunch game. Becky Alexander and Michelle Lake understand how difficult it can be to break out of your regular rut, but they also know how important lunch is for sustaining your energy and nourishing you, body and soul, throughout the day. They have put together an amazing cookbook of wonderful ideas and recipes that will do just that. Here are Salads and Slaws, made with Turkey, Apple, and Walnut; Pear, Hazelnut and Goat’s Cheese; or Broccoli, Cashew, and Quinoa. Soups made with Black Bean and Chorizo or Cauliflower, Green Lentil and Spinach. There are even dips and spreads, made with Cannellini, Mint, and Lime, or Beetroot and Tahini. Not a sandwich in sight. For even better health or for that late-afternoon slump, they round out the book with easy, healthy and super fast breakfasts and snacks.

“It’s so rewarding when clients tell me how much better they feel after a few weeks of eating a new nourishing diet. A little effort, planning and a list of good ideas can dramatically improve anyone’s health and energy levels.”

The recipes are mostly sized to serve one (although the soups usually serve four); they go together very quickly, and can usually be made the night before or even a few nights ahead of time. There are also suggestions for pantry staples, and shopping lists. Some ingredients may be more common in the UK, where these authors are based, than they are in many parts of the US, but it is not difficult to find substitutions. For each section, the basic building blocks are presented so you can easily create your own combinations, although just following the recipes in the book will give you weeks of variety. Packed: Lunch Hacks to Squeeze More Nutrients Into Your Day is sure to improve your lunches – and your health.