One Night is a spinning tale of betrayal, lust, murder and deception. Eric Jerome Dickey weaves a love story intricately into the story of two people who are down on their luck and facing both their worst and best night together. Jackie thought she faced her worst fears years before when she lost her child in a Christmas tree fire; however, she hasn’t quite been able to pull her life back together again in order to move on from that tragedy.

Barely able to pay rent, she resorts to the deception of a con, targeting a well-dressed businessman at a local gas station. What she didn’t account for was the sizzling attraction or his genuine interest in her, even after he anticipated her game against him. The man, having just found out his wife was cheating on him with a close family friend, is reeling from the circumstances of the day and is looking for a distraction for one night before having to take responsibility for his actions. During this one night, author Eric Jerome Dickey, reveals the depth of the pain of betrayal along with the passion of new love and lust. What is a tragic end of one man’s life may just be the rebirth of life for Jackie.

 “Not me at my best, either. Today is not the day you’d want to be my friend.”

This book had the potential to be a very thrilling and exciting story due to all of the components included; however, I had difficulty relating to the characters and the diction used. I have read other urban romances, but this one had some phraseology that I had never encountered previously that made the dialog difficult to follow. This book wasn’t for me, but I would be interested to read more of Dickey’s books as the story was well written with the exception of his unique expressions.