It’s hard to bring new life into a possibly tired classic, but Jane Clarke instills new life into the beloved Old MacDonald had a Farm rhyme with Old MacDonald’s Things That Go. She updates the rhyme using different vehicles: a bus, a plane, and even a combine harvester! Full-page illustrations of MacDonald’s vehicles and farm friends by Migy Blanco make up the book and are fantastic, bright, and fun.

“With a dig-dig here
and a dig-dig there.
Here a dig, there a dig,
everywhere a dig-dig.”

The details in Blanco’s illustrations are adorable and readers will uncover new discoveries on each page to help make each reading of the book fun (because, parents, you WILL be reading this one over and over!) and are a terrific accompaniment that also have an updated but classic feel.. Bunnies play cards on Old MacDonald’s train and chickens fly the coop when the fire truck arrives. Clarke does a lovely job freshening up this classic rhyme and will thrill children who love vehicles of all kinds.