Nina the Ninja is smart and strong and speedy, all qualities needed by the local neighborhood superhero. One seemingly-average day, she uses those qualities to reunite a baby bird with its mommy, build a rain shelter for a cat, and save a family of turtles. It’s lucky that the neighborhood has someone like Nina!

“The neighborhood is lucky that Nina is smart and strong and speedy.”

This adorable picture book by Sonia Paningrahy features a spunky heroine who truly puts others before her own comfort, staying out in the rain to help animals when they need her. Young readers–and not just girls–will be inspired to help those in need by watching Nina in action. Many kids will also like the way the book ends, by asking if they, too, are smart and strong and speedy and reminding them that anyone can be a superhero. Illustrations by Hazel Quintanilla are cartoony and sweet, with lots of bright colors and smiling faces. While parts of the story are a bit wordy, the overall tale is quite fun and makes for a lovely little book. Nina the Neighborhood Ninja is a winner.