A virtual smorgasbord of science fiction and fantasy that invites readers to sample new authors with short stories and novellas that have been chosen by top authors in the field. From an arm that thinks it is a portion of highway to angels that are devils and much more between, relax and try something new. All samples are award nominated or award winning selections and will challenge readers at every turn.

“You said one time that all the bad decisions you made-none of it would have happened if you could just keep yourself from falling in love.”

A wonderful mix of sci-fi and fantasy that is definitely off the beaten track.  It takes a fine connoisseur to appreciate the variety of tasty tidbits that Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 presents for contemplation.  Mercedes Lackey edits and supplies unique samples that many readers would never voluntarily choose as everyday reading material. Definitely for the more refined reader, but anyone with an adventurous spirit that is always looking for something new to captivate them this is something worth trying. Readers will love some selections, hate others and will be scratching their heads is confusion at the most thought challenging pieces. The variety has something for everyone, but more mature readers will get the most from these stories as none are the what most would call the normal selection.