Beginner cooks, even those with modest kitchen skill, will not enjoy using Nadiya’s Kitchen. This cookbook is for advanced cooks even though many simple recipes are included (that they can find anywhere). Nadiya Hussain provides prep time and cooking time. For most cooks, prep times may safely be doubled to be realistic. Think of such involved recipes as Breakfast Halwa Croissant or Chocolate and Hazelnut Brioche Loaf. The recipes are good, original and different but certainly not for everyday quick cooking.

“This book is a combination of recipes that best reflect the way I cook and bake…”

This cookbook was written mostly for British cooks; all units given are in metric and British kitchen and ingredient terminology are used. For American cooks with a metric scale or conversion to American units will give awkward fractions to work with. Most ingredients are easy to find. Hussain also includes a tiny snowflake icon on many recipes designating them as Can Be Frozen. Many step-be-step photo illustrations are great, so are recipe writing and wisely chosen recipe layout, keeping all recipes on a single page. Professional photo illustrations are beautiful but including way too many photos of the author and her family is overwhelming, almost like looking at a family photo album with recipes.