Multiple Listings is a lesson in what makes a house a home. A better floor plan, a bigger yard, a prettier kitchen, can’t take the place of the love of the people inside. This is a lesson Real Estate Appraiser Nicki Daniels has to learn the hard way. Nicki grew up mostly on her own with a disengaged mother and a dad who spent the last 17 years in prison. She’s raised her son by herself and made a successful business for herself and a home for her son.

“All I know is, I don’t think I need to look at houses anymore. Because the one I have already has everything I could ever want.”

All of her careful planning and hard work up until this point gets thrown into chaos in short order when she agrees to buy a house twice as expensive as her current one due to the urging of her much younger boyfriend, invests her savings into a new restaurant venture with said boyfriend, finds herself holding the bag when said boyfriend disappears, and her estranged father shows up on her doorstep recently released from prison and looking for a place to stay. All of Nicki’s plans get thrown out the window, but she learns to forgive and to find herself and her dreams again amidst the chaos. The question is, will the father that continually let her down during her childhood and most of her adult life, continue to do so, or will he surprise her and be the man, father, and grandfather that Nicki and her son didn’t even realize they needed so badly?

Tracy McMillan creates a heart warming story about a persons ability to change and a families ability to forgive. A home is about the love of those you share it with, not the quality of the place you live.