When Spencer Plain’s parents went missing Spencer discovered a place called Bearhaven, a city of bears. Here bears eat, play, talk, and live together. But when Spencer’s best bear cub friend Kate goes missing and the clues in the woods point to only one place, Moon Farm the most dangerous factory in the world, Spencer and a group of bears have to rescue her before it’s too late.

Spencer looked out into the dark tunnel of the TUBE. “Kate isn’t the only bear whose life you’ve damaged,” Yude had said.

This is a typical Bearhaven book, with action, adventure, and LOTS of bears. Mission to Moon Farm is the second book in the series; if you have read the first book, you will know what is going on. If not, you can likely catch on. Spencer as a character is mostly developed in the first book, but readers watch him learn and grow in the second book too. Half of the book is about Spencer, and the group of bears saves Kate, so most of the action takes place in the second half of the book. Kate the bear cub is impulsive and talks a lot. And that is what gets her kidnapped. The story is not all realistic mostly because it has talking bears in it. Spencer acts like any other eleven-year old boy would act, he plays video games, he goes to Kate’s school, and he lives with a bear family.

This book would be good for readers ages 8-12 who like outdoor adventures.