Miles from Tomorrowland: Who Stole the Stellosphere? is a World of Reading level 1 book. The illustrations are so vivid that it is almost like watching the show on the Disney channel itself. The story is a typical Miles adventure written in a format of easy to read words and short sentence paragraphs that encourage kids to read each page to find out what happens next in the story. In this Miles adventure, Gadfly is a criminal trying to avoid the Space Guard and return to his home planet undetected. The problem is, his home planet is a long ways away and he needs to steal a ship to get there. The Stellosphere meets his needs, although he mistakenly thinks he is alone on the ship, not realizing that Miles and Merc are still on board. Together, Miles and his pet robot Merc defeat Gadfly and save their ship.

“It would take eight hundred years to fly an airplane to Pluto”

One addition to the book version of the episode series are the “Spacetastic Facts” included at the bottom of several pages. These fact boxes include interesting space facts that help children learn more about the world around them, especially space and the atmosphere, in a way that encourages learning in a fun and exciting adventure story with one of their favorite Disney space characters, Miles Callisto.