Anne Nichols Reynolds Mast Island is a suspenseful mystery that delves into the murky depths of family honor and obligation. After the death of her beloved grandmother, artist Abby Parson’s life is turned upside down by the revelation that her grandmother, and only family, was not an actual blood relation. Abby’s grandmother left her with a mysterious note about her mother and father’s murder and a beautiful old family heirloom having belonged to her father’s disapproving family. Setting out to uncover her history and find out about who she is, Abby finds herself stepping back in time on an island off Savannah, Georgia that is controlled by her father’s reclusive family, the DuMonds. Mast Island is a beautiful tourist location; however, Abby quickly discovers that her father’s family has reaches to every corner of the island and that her presence on the island is neither secret nor welcome.

“I have known from your birth, just as I have known you would come here one day to destroy us.”

Anne Nichols Reynolds spins a tale of suspense and parries the emotions of finding out you have family and are not alone, and wishing you could have chosen a different one. Abby parson’s character is left reeling as she uncovers that the family she is bound to by blood is neither warm nor welcoming like the Gran she grew up with. As Abby finds out more about the people she is related to, she finds herself in danger of losing her life as she uncovers some deep and dark family secrets that were intended to stay hidden forever. The story is an emotional rollercoaster for the reader and will leave you guessing about who can be trusted and who you should really be rooting for as the DuMond family structure and secrets are torn apart for the reader’s pleasure.