When people talk, or think, about sex work they generally will talk about female sex work or prostitution. What is generally ignored is male sex work and the role that it plays in society. Male Sex Work and Society helps :ll that gap in the literature by exploring the world of male sex work through time, age, and geographical regions. Each chapter is written by an expert in the field. Male sex work has been around since ancient civilizations; it is now just coming out of the darkness. The chapters range from exploring the historical aspects of male sex work to talking about its economics, marketing, and really exploring individual countries/regions in detail.

“When we look at male sex work, we must look at the two primary actions that comprise this event.”

This is a fascinating book that explores a topic a lot of people would feel uncomfortable about. But the authors do an excellent job bringing it out into the light. Even though each chapter is by a different author, they explore an overarching theme; which is a nice touch that the book builds on itself from beginning to end. Even though there are charts, graphs, and stuff like that the individual reader will gain a lot from the book.