Fourteen fairy tales, rewritten and spiced up for the modern adult child in all of us. Magical and tragic with the original Grimm twists, modern day problems and the unlucky girls that need to solve them.

“We’ve all got miserable fates, girl.”

A.A. Balaskovits takes the Brothers Grimm to a whole new level with Magic for Unlucky Girls. These fourteen twisted fairy tales take well known stories and gives them more tragedy and forget about happily ever after endings. Balaskovits uses modern day vices and social prejudices to create magical worlds that will have readers rethinking normal and where black seems to be magic’s only color. Recommended for mature fantasy readers that don’t mind having their preconceived notions of a familiar story shredded, jumbled and burned and then put back together with spit, tape, glue and staples to form something recognizable and yet totally unrecognizable at the same time.