Don’t be fooled! This book isn’t just for professionals and the scholarly types. If you’re a fan of the adult cartoon Archer or Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, but those college days are but a faint memory, then you’ll find, Love Your Enemies in Case Your Friends Turn Out To Be Bastards, by Jake Hagerman the book you never knew you were looking for.

Hagerman tosses political correctness to the wayside, as he divulges the true nature of his old mental health coworkers and toxic environment with a pure undiluted honesty. Broken into two sections, the first is a series of thirty-seven vignettes that progresses through the first thirty years of his career in the mental health field. You’ll meet Betty H, an obese dominating sex pistol with no regards to her actions, narcissistic Crazy Dave who thrived on sexually harassing women, and John Davis, a foreigner with a fancy Latin degree, albeit a fake one. You’ll recognize many of these people he describes as somebody you personally know, or possibly have your own just as relatable and outlandish water cooler stories.

“So what you say, just pick up the drunken woman, drag her to the side of the road, throw some snow on her face and ‘Bob’s your uncle.’”

Don’t get the wrong idea and think of this book as a mere outlet for some writer with a superiority complex to take jabs at and ridicule old colleagues and the mental health field. Quite the opposite, in fact. What Hagerman has provided is thirty-plus-years’ worth of undignified and often hostile work environments and provided readers sublime examples of the importance of organizational leadership and management, and effective actions to be taken on a personal level when faced with a myriad of less than professional working environments and coworkers.

If you are stuck in a job working with the likes of Betty or Dave or can at least relate to working at a dysfunctional and disorganized company, then Love Your Enemies in Case Your Friends Turn Out To Be Bastards will be an epic, albeit therapeutic, read you won’t want to miss. And, as you head back to the dismal reality that pays the bills, you just might find a smile creeping up in the corners of your mouth as now you’re equipped with applaudable worksite knowledge that will finally make your workdays worthwhile!