Abigail Worthington is a lonely, troubled woman who has difficulties reconciling with her past, but besides the fact that she’s not yet over her ex-husband, she has to deal with a young ghost that visits her occasionally. Life could have become normal again for Abby when she meets and falls in love with Spencer Gibson, a young black man who seems to hold a promise for a future, but things change when Abigail learns that her ex-husband is having a love affair with her best friend. Torn between pursuing an impossible love and addressing the love affair between her ex-husband and her best friend, Abigail has to make a decision that can make or ruin her life. Will she be able to face the consequences?

“You can help me build my dollhouse, so I can be free, so I can see my mommy and daddy again. Because the floor will be gone, and God will make me leave.”

Like a Child’s New Toy by Jermain L Reeves is a fascinating tale of a woman’s struggle to come to terms with her past, re-define her identity, and regain her inner freedom, a tale that is sprinkled with lust, fantasy, and revenge. It is mordantly absorbing, highly entertaining, and masterfully executed. Reeves’ prose is seductive, but it’s the plot that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The author has mastered the art of weaving subplots into an already suspense-full story, making readers turn pages, looking for the next surprise. The characters are fairly compelling and will immediately attract the sympathy of readers. Reeves comes across as a smooth storyteller with a clear and unique voice.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo