The Knights of the Cold War and The Road to Bin Laden

Peter Shadowhawk’s first novel The Knights of the Cold War and the Road to Bin Laden is a historical spy thriller that takes place over 20 years. The time period is between 1962 and 1984, during the height of the Cold War.

In Shadowhawk’s book, the reader is introduced to a motley-crew of characters, each with their own quirks and unique skills. Now what differentiates this book from a regular spy thriller, is that in addition to all the action and one spy outwitting another, it has elements of humor in it. While reading the story, there were parts of it where I burst out laughing. Shadowhawk does a spectacular job blending in everything to make this a superb read. Another thing I found is that the book very closely parallels real historical event. I believe the author does that on purpose to make the reader wonder if those events really did happen during that time.

“From the shadows the Monster grinned, softly laughing in happy chorus with the demons joyfully dancing inside his twisted soul.”

One word of caution though: the book contains instances of homophobia, so if you are offended by it, my advice would be to skip this book.

The Knights of the Cold War and the Road to Bin Laden promises to be a four part series. I really enjoyed reading the first part and I really hope that the author will write the second book in the series soon.