Vivian and Audra are two sisters with a deep connection, until Audra starts drifting away. She becomes obsessed with living in the wild, away from society, and meets a strange person from a strange place. Her sister Vivian has “spells” in which she has emotional overloads, and Audra seems to be the only one who can help her through them.

“Where I come from there was a man who talked to people no one else could see.”

Klickitat is deeply puzzling in the best way possible. A truly unique storyline with truly unique characters, you may just find yourself losing a day to Peter Rock’s work. There are subtle supernatural overtones, making it a ghost story, but not a ghost story at the same time. While the main character is a sixteen year old girl, readers young and aged alike will have no problem diving in. In fact, most will find themselves skimming through the book for a second, third, or fourth time to get the full experience. The book won the Alex award, which is given to “ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults.” You’ll want to buy this book as opposed to borrowing or reading digitally; it’s one of those texts that you will want to put on your bookshelf.