This is a funny book about a boy that pretends a lot like he is the king of the castle. He pretends that he has to walk into somewhere and he thinks that it gives him great strength and wisdom. He is walking into the ocean. He pretends that a witch gives him magical cream to make him invincible – but it is actually just sunblock, and the witch is his mother! He is talking about being the king and building a castle, and so he pretends all sorts of things while he is building his sand castle on the beach. It is really funny!

“I am in a place of wilderness, with mountains on one side and lakes on the other. This is the strip of land on which I, the knight with no name, will build my castle.”

You will like to see what he is really doing while you read about what he says he is doing; it will make you laugh! In one place, he says there is a dragon that he has to fight – but it is really another boy that he buries in the sand up to his neck. It is nice that they aren’t really fighting though – it seems like they are having fun together. The pictures are pretty simple, like they were drawn, and they don’t have very many details, but they are really cute and funny. King of the Castle by Aurora Rua and Guridi is a funny book that little kids will really like.