If you are a history buff looking for adventure, Jungle of Stone: The True Story of Two Men, Their Extraordinary Journey, and the Discovery of the Lost Civilization of the Maya is the book for you. John Stephens, a U.S. ambassador, used his advantageous political position to gain access to rumored ruins in the civil war fraught Central American countries. His partner in the endeavor was Frederick Catherwood, a British architect who recorded what they discovered in his drawings. What they discovered were the incredible, vast ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization. Their discovery changed history.

“There would be no turning back – and what they were about to discover would change the understanding of human history in the Western Hemisphere.”

William Carlson so expertly weaves Central American political climate with the archaeological adventure, you don’t realize you’re getting the history lesson! This is truly a fascinating account of how these important sites were brought to the attention of the world. A valuable added bonus is the comparisons of photographs of the ruins to (artist’s) drawings, which prove how accurately detailed his work was. Carlson’s account is better than any Indiana Jones movie. It’s full of action and gory description of the rebellions that Stephens and Catherwood found themselves in the midst of. Jungle of Stone is so engrossing, it will appeal to all history lovers.