ITDN is comic book containing 11 “stories” and an additional excerpt of bits and pieces by artist Andrew Burkholder. The title itself is a pseudo-acronym – it doesn’t actually stand for anything and is in fact just 4 random letters. Strange? You haven’t seen anything until you open the book.


208 pages of contemporary art, this comic reads like the ravings and doodling of a mad man. The second chapter includes a stick figure beating a kid to death, and then attempting to copulate with it’s corpse; other chapters are much more difficult to discern what is going on at all. There is no plot, and the following chapters make even less sense. The words and statements made by characters are hard to correlate with the picture actually being shown, and a good third of the book consists of scribbles turning into other scribbles that almost resemble something recognizable, but not quite. With the meaning being as difficult to find as a five-leaf clover, ITDN seems to be an objectified acid flashback and is just as hard to enjoy. If you’re looking for something that will boggle your mind, Andrew Burkholder’s work will keep you occupied for a half hour or so.