Have you ever looked at a dog and wondered what they were thinking? Well, if you have, this book is for you. Alexandra Horowitz takes you on a journey through a dog’s world. From head to tail, from shoulders to paws, she helps you understand what dogs see, smell, and know.

“Let him be a dog. Allow for his dogness.”

Inside of a Dog is a practical, every day guide to dogs. It includes pictures, many little examples of the author’s experience with dogs to illustrate what she is trying to explain, a glossary, and a section of notes and sources that lets the reader research a particular issue some more. The guide is very helpful. It connects every day situations with how a dog might be experiencing that same situation. This would be useful book for someone who is trying to understand their dog better or someone who is trying to train their dog. It might also be useful for someone who is afraid of dogs but is trying to get over their fears.

This book is a Young Readers Edition but it could be read by adults as well.