The Idiot’s Guide to Everyday Makeup Secrets, is an all-in-one comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to put your best face forward, exploring the depths of what makes makeup work, and why. From professional secrets, to basic principles of art and design, every avenue is lavishly explored. Once you crack the code behind the tools, skin care and application, everyone can be successful. With step-by-step tutorials, full color pictures, guides and easy to spot tips and techniques, you can go from basic to extraordinary.

“It is not makeup that makes you beautiful; it is you that makes makeup beautiful!”

If you have ever been overwhelmed with the abundance of makeup supplies and options, prepare to be blown away with perfectly balanced detail, and ease of learning style. Daniel Klingler takes, what could be confused as a complicated art, and makes it interesting, fun and applicable for anyone. He shows readers that makeup can be something to make you stand out, and not something to shy away from. Whether this is to be used as a reference guide, or a gift for the teenager using makeup for the first time, this book has everything you need to be successful.