I Can’t Believe It! by the publishers at DK this is about a bunch of crazy things that are hard to believe – but actually they are not that hard to believe, because you probably already know a lot of those things are true. And there are a lot of even more crazy things on the earth! But there are lots of fun things to read about. For example, you will read about a neutron star. Did you know that if you had a bit of a neutron star the size of a pinhead, it would weigh as much as three Empire State Buildings? There is a huge flower that grows from a tuber. It smells like a rotting corpse when it opens, but at least that isn’t very often – only every fifty or sixty years!

“How much rice is eaten in a year? As an average across the world, each person eats 150 lb (68 kg) of rice a year. That gives a total amount of 481,210,000 tons.”

And did you realize, that if all the ice in the world melted, New York would be so covered in water, that the Statue of Liberty would be covered in water up to her waist! There are lots of things like that, that are interesting to read about. The pages are very colorful and full of great photographs and diagrams and things to learn. It shows you some awesome stuff, like that the moon is a wide around as Australia, and there is a picture of the moon next to Australia, so you can see how the size compares. This book is really fun, and you will want to look at it again and again, because you will find something new every time.