Shopping is a task that, for good or ill, everyone has to undertake. How to Win at Shopping asserts that shopping is a skill that can be learned, and that knowing the right tips can make every shopping venture a success. Authors David Zyla and Eila Mell, stylists and fashion consultants, teach you how to Establish a Game Plan; Shop Strategically; Find Your Perfect Match in the Fitting Room; Discover Hidden Treasures; Master the Virtual Store; learn the Art of the Deal; When and How to Splurge; and Shop for All Seasons. Within these chapters they give short, essential shopping tricks, like recognizing quality, or times to shop, or finding deals. The overarching message is that finding what you love and that makes you look and feel great makes your shopping trip a win.

“No one is born knowing how to shop. It is a skill that needs to be developed. You know that feeling of confidence you have when you’re wearing you best outfit? You really can have that every day.”

This book is focused only on clothing shopping, and the tips given don’t really apply to other types of shopping trips. However, the main premise of helping you find what makes you look and feel great, at a price you can afford, is a good one, and amply supported. The authors, fashion experts, speak with authority but not arrogance or conceit; you feel they are on your side and understand the issues you face when trying to find the right fit, size or look. They are friendly and helpful, and address a comprehensive set of questions and concerns for the shopper, from what stores to shop in, and how to shop them (department, sample sale, vintage or thrift, online), to the best thing to wear when going shopping (something comfortable!), to how to shop for specific items like hats, glasses, or jeans. They also continually remind you – try things on! It is easy to read and fun to glance through, and is a great little reference tool. Since we all have to shop, love it or hate it, we may as well do it well. This book will make sure you can win at shopping too!