Scientists try to learn about a lot of things, but they have to do things kind of in the same way. This book, How to Be a Scientist by Steve Mould, helps you learn how to do things like a scientist does.

“Scientists are curious people. When you question everything, you can find mysteries all around you that need a scientific explanation. Take a plastic shopping bag for example…”

There are lots of different things that are science. In this book, you get to read about lots of different interesting things and then do activities that go along with them. You can learn about the human body, and about earth, or about space; or maybe you will enjoy learning about Chemistry or Physics. Probably all of them! The activities are really fun. You can make a fan that works just from hot air moving, or you can trick your friends with a tricky water bottle sprayer. Children who are in third grade or older will be able to do any of these activities by themselves, although they would also be fun for younger children with an adult helping them. So you get to do cool activities, and then you get to read about the science that makes them work. The pictures are really helpful to explain what should happen, and make it very interesting too, and there are even pages that tell about famous scientists, so there is plenty of stuff for anyone. This book was made by DK, and it is really well made, with great pictures and examples, and lots of science inside. It will keep you busy learning things for a long time!