Two kids, Kelli and Shawn Anderson, have to go live in another state that has a giant swamp because their dad’s work is studying plants. When they’re there, a lot of strange things begin to happen, including hearing about the legend of the Shaggedy. The conflict is whether they can convince their dad, who doesn’t believe in the Shaggedy, to move before it is too late.

“Together, we are the Shaggedy!”

Goosebumps Most Wanted: Here Comes the Shaggedy by R.L. Stine is a typical Goosebumps story. If you have read any other of his stories, you will instantly recognize the author’s writing style. For example, he builds up the suspense in every chapter and ends each chapter with something to make you want to keep on reading on. Then he explains the event in the next chapter. This book was not as scary as some of his other books have been. Kelli and Shawn are interesting characters. Kelli tries to be devious; Shawn is a nice kid who doesn’t know about Kelli’s deviousness at first. Kelli tries to scare Shawn a lot. Their dad doesn’t have a bit role to play in this story; it’s mostly the kids.

This book would be recommended for readers ages 8 to 11 who are not too sensitive to scary stories.