Hello Kitty is on a picnic with her sister when she sees a squirrel run by! She follows the squirrel and ends up in Wonderland, where she meets all kinds of fascinating characters, including the Queen of Hearts. But when the Queen’s fresh-baked tarts are stolen, only Hello Kitty can remember the rhyme that will help solve the mystery!

“It wasn’t long before Hello Kitty came across the Queen of Hearts herself. she was happily playing croquet in a garden of red roses.”

Fans of Hello Kitty will no doubt love this latest addition to the “Storybook Collection.” Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a very short retelling of the classic by Lewis Caroll. It features some of the characters that are most remembered from the book, including the caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts. As it is a storybook meant for kids, and one featuring Hello Kitty at that, the story has naturally been tamed and sanitized; young readers will enjoy the adventure, but some adults may find it lacking and way too short. It’s a cute picture book that little ones will enjoy, though.