Mona the mouse is looking for a new home after a storm floods out her latest home. While she is crossing a log over a stream she hears a pack of wolves howl. She is so scared that she falls off, and the river carries her to a totally different part of the forest. Luckily she still held on to her special suitcase, which is the last thing she has to remember her parents. She finally climbs out of the river and sees a huge, majestic tree with a heart on it, very much like the heart on her suitcase. She can’t resist touching the heart, and it presses in like a button. Soon she is walking what looks like a hotel lobby. It turns out that she had wandered into the Heartwood Hotel, a hotel for small creatures, right in the middle of a Fall Festival.

“With a squeak of wonder, Mona stepped inside to warmth, light, and the delicious smell of roasted acorns.”

That is just the beginning of her many adventures! This book is really fun because it has both books One, A True Home, and book Two, The Greatest Gift put into one book. So when you finish reading the first, you just flip the book over and read on! These stories take place in the fall and the winter; I hope there will be another book for the spring and the summer! The stories are really sweet and not at all scary, so they are very gentle and fun and easy to read, but they are interesting and not boring at all. They make you feel good and happy. If you like animal adventure stories, join Mona the Mouse on lots of adventures about love and friendship by reading Heartwood Hotel by Kallie George and Stephanie Graegin!