The Grimstones Collection

The Grimstones Collection by Asphyxia is a collection of four shorter tales about The Grimstones, who are Gothic dolls. The stories are written in diary format, as if they were written by one of the dolls. The stories tell of the dolls’ daily lives in their home and around town.

“I smiled, knowing that if my music was commanding the weather, it would be touching the hearts of the audience, too.”

Each of the four tales is a stand-alone story, so while there are familiar characters and ideas in each of them, they do not build on one another so you can just pick and choose whichever story you want and even read them out of order. The plot for each story is limited and not very exciting. The characters are quirky and although they are just dolls, they are not really well-developed. As the stories go along, the characters just get weirder and do not make you really interested in what is going on in their lives or care about them. The book contains computer-generated Gothic pictures, some of which are creepy, but none of which are really scary. This would be good for kids, mostly girls, who like dolls.