The welcome back to the gritty, violent, and altogether unsavory reality of Ava and Leo’s lives is just as twisted and painful as we’ve come to expect in the world of reapers and hounds. In Grim Tidings we pick up with our hellspawn couple on the way to Minneapolis to visit Reaper Headquarters, and hopefully set things straight. Unfortunately, as is to be expected, things don’t go exactly according to plan. Almost too fast to follow they are dragged into a whirlpool of depravity, danger and despair. Will Leo be able to claim his title as the new Grim Reaper? Will Ava stay by his side? Start reading to find out!

“I looked back once, but the shadows and their master had gone, not even a footprint to show they’d been anything but a bad dream.”

Grim Tidings is just as deliciously traumatic and dark as its prequel and honestly I couldn’t help but enjoy continuing the story. The brutally blunt sense of realism incorporated into a story about the supernatural will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as ensure you don’t feel like you’re reading some kind of magical fairytale. With its gritty details and sub-plot of a relationship that screams “I’m not a romance” even while you know there’s something there, this continuation of Ava’s dark adventures is truly a well written fantasy, as well as a perfectly enjoyable sequel for those who are already fans of Black Dog. Any fantasy lover will be able to enjoy being drawn into this grim battle of espionage among monsters.