Owl is getting ready to go to sleep… until he hears a squeek! But he can’t find the source of the mysterious noise anywhere! It’s not in the cupboards, under the floor, or even in the walls! When will Owl ever get to bed?

“But Owl didn’t close his eyes–he didn’t dare. He knew that any second he would hear the noise.”

Young readers will delight in Owl’s attempts to find the strange squeaking in Good Night Owl. This adorable blue owl just can’t figure out where the silly little mouse is hiding, and everyone will be absolutely tickled as they watch Owl destroy his own home piece by piece in an attempt to silence the noise. Greg Pizzoli’s simple words and straightforward sentences will draw readers in while the colorful illustrations are sure to bring smiles all around. While this picture book will definitely bring on the bedtime giggles, this is definitely a story that little ones will love to hear at any time of the day. This is a great addition to any child’s library.