Popsicles are not usually thought of as health food – in fact, that juxtaposition may make you squirm. But in Glow Pops: Super-Easy Superfood Recipes to Help You Look and Feel Your Best author Liz Moody presents delicious, frosty recipes that will change your mind. Moody’s goal is to get you eating the right combinations of foods for different health benefits – but she also wants eating them to be fun! That is where Glow Pops comes in.

“So if you’re already health conscious, I applaud you, and invite you to treat yourself to a Glow Pop. And if you’re not –well, you’ve picked a great way to start your journey, and I’m so proud to be part of its beginning!”

Each of the recipes makes a delicious smoothie-like drink that you then freeze in pop molds for quick nutrition or a cold treat anytime. Some are icy, like the juice pops made from Cucumber Mint or Watermelon Lime; others are creamy, like the Cinnamon Orange and Cream, or the Turmeric Golden Milk. Don’t let that last title fool you – every single one of these pops is made without dairy or refined sugars, instead using ingredients such as avocado, nut or coconut milk, dates, agave or maple syrup, or other healthy, whole foods. They are pretty simple, most having no more than five or six ingredients, although Moody offers several suggestions for mix-ins you might want to try for additional health benefits. The best part about this book are the explanations before each recipe that explain why those ingredients are good for you, and how to use them for getting particular results. Glow Pops is a fun and informative book for everyone, whether you are a health nut, or just want some new ideas for delicious frozen treats.