When You Give an Imp a Penny

There is a girl who gives an imp a penny. The imp then asks her to give him a coin bag. Then he asks for a shovel to buy his coin bag. Every thing he does makes him have to do something else or want something else. Usually he makes a mess – he even sets the broom on fire! He also has to give the cat a bath, which the cat doesn’t like at all. But if you are nice to an imp, he may give you a pile of gold – and then he may want you to give him another penny!

“All this work will make him hungry. So he’ll ask for an apple. You’ll give him your last one.”

When You Give an Imp a Penny is like the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. It is really funny to see what an imp will do and what he will ask for next. The pictures are very fun; the cat has the best expression because it doesn’t like what the imp does. It is very easy to read and it is also fun to read out loud. The girl and the imp and the cat live in an old house out in the country a long time ago, maybe when there were imps and magic. It would be fun to have an imp to give you a pile of gold, but maybe not to make all the other messes!