The future America is on the decline, and China is on the rise. What can America do to overcome this imbalance and regain her position in the world? Create a superhuman through genetics. That is the overall plot of this novel by Jamie Metzl. It starts with the death of a young MaryLee Stock, after her death raises suspicion with local reporter Rich Azadian, who investigates deeper and deeper. Getting him with closer contact with religious radicals, government snoops, and covert fertility clinics. Each step along the way brings him closer to the truth, but also closer to danger as well. At the end, Azadian must make a decision that could affect the future of the human race.

Genesis Code is uneven in quality. At times, it is good, and fast paced like you want from a thriller; at other times it gets bogged down and off track. It is middle of the road, something that can be built upon in future books to make it better; and things that work right off the bat. It is a worthy effort, but it does not fire on all cylinders yet.