KC Dyer’s Finding Fraser is a sweet and comedic novel about a young woman, Emma Sheridan, who embarks on a quest to leave her boring and mundane life in Chicago behind and begin an adventure through Scotland in hopes of finding her own romantic hero. She aims to follow the path of her favorite character in the Outlander series, Claire, in a desperate attempt to find a real, chivalrous, Scottish warrior like Claire’s Fraser in the series. Her path is full of folly and misadventure; however, what Emma discovers along her journey is way more empowering than a man; she finds herself. Emma falls in love with the Scottish countryside, the people, and the power she finds in herself while on her travels over the countryside. She never believed herself brave, courageous, or independent, but her journey is proving to herself and everyone at home that she has had all of those qualities all along, it just took a trip to Scotland to discover them in herself.

“I may have begun this journey with the sole objective of finding my own Fraser, but I am much happier that the person I found, instead, was my own inner Claire.”

I loved this story about the beauty of finding yourself and developing confidence in yourself over depending on someone else to give you your confidence. I have never read the Outlander series so I struggled a little at the beginning to get into the story because I wasn’t as familiar with the character qualities of Emma’s beloved Fraser; however, by the end of the story, KC Dyer had so enveloped me into Emma’s character and those that she met along her journeys that it didn’t even matter if I knew who Fraser was. I loved this story and the compelling way that the author used karma to help everything work out in the end. Emma Sheridan is a charming and resilient character that manages to persevere through every folly and misfortune that she faces along her journey to finding the love of a lifetime..