What Families Can Learn

Striking a balance between work and family has been the perennial problem that many working parents have to deal with and in most cases, their attention often veers towards one. In What Families Can Learn from Corporate America Heather J. Wasielewski shares expert advice on the art of shifting perspective, changing the mindset and turning the skill of balancing work and family into a winning game for both working parents and their families.

“As soon as my perception changed, my energy increased and my stresses decreased.”

What Families Can Learn from Corporate America comes across as a compassionate gift from an expert who has gone through the process of reconciling work and family life and came out victorious. In down-to-earth language, Wasielewski shares her incredible insights on how to handle one’s career successfully without neglecting the vocation to parenthood. In a way, she teaches working parents the secret to making the paradigm shift from thinking that work can be an obstacle to a creative and meaningful family life into one that helps readers find ways of allowing their work and family life experiences to complement one another. In her gentle and unique voice, Wasielewski delivers a message that is timely and timeless: working parents can win at work and at home. This book is a gem that will give meaning to the lives of millions of people.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo