Boys will be boys and little bears with be…little bears. What happens with a curious boy and bear happen upon each other in the woods? This is the lighthearted premise of the book, Explorers of the Wild by Cale Atkinson that reminds readers that there are a lot of new, neat things to try and making new friends can be one of them!

These two rambunctious characters both love to explore! The book opens with them separately climbing, running, jumping and frolicking around the woods. These two are ready for anything, until they run into each other!

 “No mountain is too tall if you have a friend by your side to climb it.”

While this may be framed around the outdoors and exploring, it’s message lies in friendship and overcoming differences and fear.

This short children’s book would be a great addition to any library. It’s perfect for any curious young explorer. The easy to follow story line captures the attention of any reader and the illustrations that Atkinson is known for are vibrant and full of small details. This is the perfect book to add to a nightly bedtime story routine! When the young explorer outgrows the story, the illustrations are so magical they could be framed.

The style, message, and simplicity of this book make it a short, sweet, and no brainer of a purchase.