A boy named Jake has dreams about his family so he goes to the land of the Red Moon to find them. Jake’s family has been missing since a dragon’s attack on their wagon train. Jake finds out the truth about his family and it sends him on another quest.

“There is nothing to fear,” said Yellow Cloud. “The dreamcatcher will see to that.”

The action in Dragon Frontier: Burning Moon by Dan Abnett is kind of believable but not really. The story is set in the Old West. The characters are not that well developed and they don’t change very much. The book would be better if there were more action. Most other dragon books have more action so this book reads a little slowly. There is a lot of description in the story. The plot did not flow that well and the way the story develops was kind of expected. But the ending is surprising and almost makes up for the work in getting there but seems a little forced. At the end of the book there is an author interview and instructions on how to draw a dragon.

This book would be okay for readers ages 8 to 14.