This book is about a dog named Abby and she misbehaves a lot, so Jimmy Bishop’s parents enrolled her in obedience school! Now Abby is acting like any other boring dog, instead of the crime fighter that she is. Now the gang has to bring Abby back to her old self, and fast!

“It’s amazing what the brain can do when it puts its mind to something.”

It’s a Doggy Dog World is the second book in the series, Crime Biters. For the most part the book was easy to understand, but some of the characters were hard to understand. If you have not read the first book in the series the history of the characters is a little unclear. About the action, the action was good, but not great. It was well paced, but at some points in the book it got a little bit bumpy. The most action took place in the middle of the book when Abby the dog started acting like any other dog and the gang had to restore her back to her old self. The dialog itself was fine, but the author could have had the characters speak more like real people instead of stumbling over their words.

This book would be good for kids ages 9-12, and grades 4-6 who like realistic fiction and the Crime Biters series