It’s not easy being Morrissey, but now, at least, he has plenty of things to eat. Defensive Eating with Morrissey is packed full of delicious meat-free, cruelty-free vegan recipes that will ensure that food, at least, is no longer a struggle. This slim cookbook is half recipes, half tongue-in-cheek drawings of the BritPop star. The recipes themselves cover a wide variety of dishes, from desserts like cake to roasted vegetables to savory porridge.

 “Add all of your fixins to split potato until repressed but remarkably dressed.”

The ingredients include a mix of whole foods–vegetables, grains, beans, etc.–and a sprinkling of convenience foods–vegan “cheeze,” tater tots–with plenty of interesting seasonings mixed in. The recipe directions include Morrissey-esque commentary, which will most likely be enjoyed by the target audience, although some readers may find themselves wanting to just get on with the business of cooking. The detailed index at the end will help readers locate any recipe they wish.