Darkstorm by M.L. Spencer is a fascinating blend of fiction, mystery, and fantasy, a combination powerful enough to create a world where readers will want to escape. Set 1000 years ago at a time when magic reigned and conflicts were common, two powerful people are threatened by an imminent war that could completely wipe out all they have worked for and those they cared for. While the wielder of a very dark magic, Zavier Renquist makes recourse to a very dark energy, Braden Reis must find a way of saving his people, but with his own secret vulnerability, will he be able to lead the small group against the dangerous darkmage and his cronies?

“Now, start over from the beginning. This time, take your time and try to elaborate as much as you possibly can. Details, my dear. As many details as you can remember.”

Darkstorm is a book that will receive a nice welcome by fans of fantasy and fiction, a well-crafted story of love, betrayal, intrigue, and heroism. Spencer has the knack for creating characters that are compelling and that readers can easily sympathize with. She seduces readers with the beauty of her prose, a dialogue that is as vivid as it is real, but most importantly, it is the magic of the world she creates that is irresistible.

Darkstorm is a work of finesse, a story that readers of Tolkien may find interesting. The author transports readers into a world of dream, a world filled with characters they would love to meet, and an impressive clash of powers. The plot is so carefully crafted, the suspense as powerful as the magic world of the book, and the action breathtaking. This one is a thrilling read, fast-paced, and bitingly entertaining. Spencer writes about magic in a way that is absorbing and seducing, as though she were casting powerful spells on her readers.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo