Dark Stallions: Legend of the Centurions is a trilogy about the immortal beings that have graced the earth for centuries. Jack Walker is a talented horse trainer in a small rural Colorado town. He has an uncanny affinity for horses and a huge secret to hide. Jack is the human form of the immortal Centurion Aerion. After losing his mate centuries ago to a vicious vampire attack, Aerion sought escape by fleeing to conceal his true form and history as a ranching man in Colorado. Unfortunately, some secrets just can’t stay hidden. Jack’s affinity for saving humanity isn’t something he can just turn off, and the descendants of his enemies may not be as far away as he thought.

 “Some people equate immortality to physicality, as they fail to understand we all have immortal souls”

Author William E. Simpson II knows just how to intrigue his readers and leave them wanting for more! The plot line started a little slow for me, but quickly picked up towards the end with the introduction of several evil family lines that Jack Walker thought were long dead. Simpson gave the reader a small bite of the future connections of Jack’s current enemies so that you can’t wait to see how it all plays out. I would have preferred a little more action interspersed throughout the story as the majority of the action was packed into the last 50 or so pages, but overall the story is a good lead-in to the next book in the series, which will hopefully provide a bit more connection into the web Simpson started weaving in this book.