The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim

What would you do if you found out that works of Gothic literature such as Dracula or Frankenstein were based on real monsters? Would you live in fear? Edgar Brim, of England in the late 1800’s, is plagued by night terrors any time he goes to sleep, and is already living in fear. When his father passes away mysteriously, he is sent to a school for boys in Scotland. As Edgar slowly gets a handle on his fears, his world becomes progressively more frightening.

“‘If one existed, is it not possible there is another, or even more? What if they do know of each other’s existence, watch out for each other?'”

Praise be to The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim! An original idea that will appeal to any fan of classic literature, especially (though not exclusively) the horror genre. Readers will find this to be a riveting page-turner, and at points it makes the hair on one’s neck stand on end. Shane Peacock manages at times to mimic Gothic literature while talking about the subject itself. Having clearly read the classics himself, he has no trouble nailing the darker aspects of this novel, as well as keeping the reader interested throughout the entire book. Fortunately for us, it ends on a note that clearly indicates the possibility of a sequel. Stay tuned! It is not far fetched by any means that this story may turn into a full blown best-selling series.