The Dark Days Pact

 “…that is what honor looks like.”

Lady Helen’s world as been turned upside down as everything she has ever known as changed. Thrust into keeping up with her changing world Lady Helen must keep on her toes to not only protect those around her, but to protect herself. Lord Carlston has become more of a threat to Helens safety, but there are newer and greater dangers lurking in the shadows.

The Dark days Pact is the next exciting installment of the Lady Helen series by Alison Goodman. I cannot recommend reading this novel without having first read the previous, “The Dark Days Club”, as it will be hard to understand and follow Lady Helen’s story, as much of this novel is built off the events of the its predecessor. The novel returns many family characters as well as new ones full of intrigue.

Darker than the previous story, this novel is meant for young adults and not young teens. There are more precarious situations Helen falls into, as well as many references to the work of prostitutes, and violent events that may be unsuitable for young teens. There is more action in this novel as Lady Helen begins to embrace her powers and all that comes with it.

The villains in this novel are many, each of the truly disgusting and dark in their own ways. Readers will be eager to follow Lady Helen elegantly and bravely face all that her life throws in her path. New details and added bits of character are expounded upon in this novel not only in Helen but in many others as well. Goodman puts great detail into not only the historical accuracy to the times and places, but into all of the characters themselves. Readers will find Helen’s path full of fighting, spying, and more flirting inside, they will have a hard time putting it down. The ending is another cliff hanger, and one can hope and expect more exciting things in Helen’s future based off of Alison’s work in creating the excellent novel The Dark Days Pact.