It’s so difficult not to feel sleepy when you get in your nice, cozy jammies and snuggle in your warm bed! Helene Boudreau’s I Dare You Not to Yawn is the adorable struggles of a young boy’s trying not to go to sleep. This board book is sturdy with good sized chunky pages that are perfect for small fingers.
The cute, fairly simple illustrations fight at times with the slightly lengthy text on most pages.

“See? I told you. Yawns are sneaky.”

This story would work better as a larger picture book. The illustrations are fun and are reminiscent of the Fairly OddParents Nickelodeon cartoon from a decade or two ago. Boudreau’s story is a cute bedtime story and would be an especially fun read aloud story if you have an animated storyteller acting out the yawning. While the story is enjoyable, it isn’t one I’d want to read every night at bedtime for an extended period. This story would be best enjoyed as a full-size picture book but it’s still a fun book to read with a child.