Dandelion Angel: A Novel

Dandelion Angel: A Novel
Dandelion Angel: A Novel
by C.B. Calico
Released July 5th 2015
Format: eBook
Pages: 121
Published by 4th Floor Press Inc.
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Are women destined to become the mother they were raised with? How terrifying when out of our mouths, the words that haunted us growing up comes oozing out and we feel transported to that time in our life when we felt small, unworthy, and knew we would never measure up to the immobile force before us. The fate of four women is displayed in the private lives combining the relationships with their mothers that no one wants to truly have in Dandelion Angel.

“Are you daft or something?”

The person often shown to the world isn’t always who the family truly knows and it changes the action of these women in ways so many people can relate to. Pieces of childhoods mesh into the lives of the reader and seep into an emotional book full of turmoil and ultimately bravery to release the chains of the past and move toward the future free of unhappiness which can be overcome with strength and a lot of tears. Author C.B. Calico brings a fictional story to life in Dandelion Angel. This emotional novel exudes compassion for the readers, and reflection to the world around us that we can’t always make the assumption about others based on what we think life in another home might be like.

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